Leicester Community Radio

107.5FM, 1449AM/MW, Online ( www.leicester.fm )

Leicester Community Radio is an amalgamation of a number of different projects in Leicester to establish a local radio station, dating back to 1974. A community led combination of different people with different interests in the community from entertainment, journalism to experienced specialised DJs – playing a mix of roots, reggae, dub, r&b, hip-hop, ska, soca as well as house, drum & bass etc. The station aims to provide all Leicester residents with a central source for the best information, music and to generate a real feeling of “belonging”. LCR is the only radio station catering for the entire Greater Leicester Urban area.

Since at least 2018 we have provided over 90 hours per week of live programming with over thousands of listeners regularly tuned in at any one time

​Service hours:

  • 7am – midnight (most days) weekdays
  • 8am – midnight weekends

To learn more about the daytime/evening service, click “schedule” at the top.

We have been running regular full-time service since October 2017.

​For more information about our service, please visit our Facebook page: https://facebook.com/LeicComRadio

​You can send us a message on Facebook to get in contact, we always love to hear from you!
Alternately you can email studio@leicester.fm use our contact form or text 07 380 380 430

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